VIP Sale : Monday, September 27th
Public Sale : Tuesday, September 28th to Sunday, October 3rd
Address: 315 S Robertson Blvd, 90048 West Hollywood
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Based In Milan, Italy, Vittorio Cordella Is The CEO And Creative Director behind The Eccentric Italian Luxury Footwear Brand JOSHUA SANDERS.

Joshua Sanders has renewed a reputation for creating collection where the “street-couture” core concept is continuously innovated and presented in renovated guises, bringing to life footwear collections and accessories of the highest quality available in the contemporary luxury goods industry. 

At Joshua's, both avant-garde and premium quality are prized. Technologically advanced fabric development and strong shapes are of prime importance. What marks out the identity of the brand is the brave experimentation and the global research combined with the sourcing of premium quality materials and handcraftsmanship.

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