VIP Sale : Thursday, August 26th
Public Sale :Thursday, August 26th to Sunday, August 29th
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Kasakai is cultivated on the principles of femininity, comfort and individuality.Essential pieces for a sun - drenched escape to paradise, inspiring confidence and comfort with every year. A sense of timelessness exists within each collection, allowing suits to become treasured pieces of summers gone by and to come.
Kasakai swimwear is a lifelong dream turned reality of founder and designer Brigette Fatoorechi. In 2017, Brigette started her mission to create the perfect swimsuits that not make girls confident, but are unique, bold, and fit all body types. After years of sketching in her notebooks and working for high end swimwear lines, it soon became time for this trailblazing designer to branch out and define a new era of swimwear.

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